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Venny’s believes the secret lies in feeling confident to be yourself, and to chart your own way. Taking advantage of the present, projecting the future and valuing the teachings of the past, without fear of living, new experiences, how to format dialogue in an essay new moments, new stories. And for all the big (and not so great) moments, Vennys gives its customers a safe and quality option so they can live without the worry of being judged, or misinterpreted by society, whatever it may be. A brand that is based on self-affirmation and respect for our values and our history seeking to take it in a more discreet and subtle way across borders.
The whole story is made of stories, what’s yours?




When we make the decision to go live overseas, we have to understand that we’ll be changing to a whole new social context completely different than ours, and adapting to it is definitely the biggest Challenge!

Aesthetically, it’s almost a matter of survival trying to adapt our style to theirs, in a way that you won’t be an outcast or be badly interpreted. A task which is way more complicated to a youngster living overseas that it seems at first!

However, there is the need to make a statement in ourselves! To show how We are, Where we come from and how we respect our Culture!

And that’s How Venny’s was Founded in 2012, by a group of young Angolans with common goals and values! It started in Lisbon (where the headquarters are based) and today it’s based in Portugal and Angola!

From the admiration by two Grandsons for their grandfather, named “Venâncio”, the name “Venny’s was born.

More than a Brand, Venny’s is the outcome and continuation of a Legacy, that has as it’s main Pillars the values and morals left by “Granpa Venâncio”.

Keep it Real!