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Dream a bit more- The Creative Process

We will now, with pleasure, Talk about our creative process and a bit about the production behind the scenes.

A Dream is one of the most effective platforms for Creation and Inspiration that exist! There’s no such cognitive experience or Self Awareness Trip more profound and original than a Dream. It’s like a preexistent Cloud that is available to All who want to Creinnovate innovate something different and better! Almost as a Psychadelic mental state in which only the ones who share the Vision have access to the Creative Resources. It’s Alchemy.

There is an infinite Number of Knowledge and Inspiration sources, but DREAMS are more certainly the one who allows us to directly drink from inspiration in a more Personal, Pure and Individual Way.

Obviously, not all of our Ideas come from that Platform. Many times they are just unexpected and spontaneous moments that originate Big Ideas or just ideas for Ideas. But then they are always developed and structured in the “Dream State”, either awake or asleep.


The Truth is that Regardless the source, the development is always made in that State. There’s a concept, a story to tell that will be read in the developed collection!

Still, inside the development and structuring process, there is a conversation. There’s always a conversation. Has to be! The same one who will dictate if the collection is rather what we wanted or not or even what we initially envisioned! But the result is always Excellence. This conversation is a connection between all members, in which we all reach the “Dream State” in each of us and then we all confer together like a Collective Consciousness.

The rest of the process of production is more logistic and that’s the reason it wasn’t given much relevance, despite it actually being important! The Drawings, the Models, the Mock Ups, the Photoshop Edits, the “take a line put a line, take a point put a point” , the Trips to the Factory (with a whole familiarity and an always pleasant experience bettween the Team), pick the Fabrics and Materials, make the molds, wait for production. The Final part of the process is to  Assemble the Team for the photoshoot to make the Collection and the Concept come to life on Visuals…