T-shirts made – What’s special about the Venny’s tees

In last couple of years we be trying to get a standard format for our t-shirts. Different cut, neckline and etc. With the great work we put in and the great team of designers, we can now say that we got what we wanted from the beginning. Different standard format for the Venny’s tee.

What’s a tee: A tee is a style of unisex fabric t-shirt. It normally has short sleeves and round neckline.

What’s special about the Venny’s tees?

Our T-shirts are made of the most comfortable, highest quality fabric out there today. 100% cotton, normal cut and printed. With these T-shirts, you not only feel the difference in comfort, but also feel the pride in bearing the logo of the brand.

Cutting and Confection: The production system of the brand is based on modern and sophisticated technology, thus allowing to comply in full with the most rigorous specifications, with efficiency and in the desired time. From Modeling to Cutting, through Confection and Packaging to the final shipment of the order, we keep a constant attention to all the details of the process.

Quality control: We manufacture products that meet the highest technical specifications of our customers, selecting the best raw materials and the most efficient working processes. Our production system is monitored in all its phases by a team of professionals with technical skills, from the receipt of the order to the final destination.

How we want you to feel:

We want YOU to become a brand member, specially since a portion of our royalties goes toward the good work. We hope you like!