Venny’s x Atari – Editorial

Atari Baby, a restaurante in Lisbon downtown, Located on Rua de São Paulo, 120-124, Cais do Sodré, Lisboa. Is a RGB Dream on Japanese Tokyo Food. With an atmosphere and decoration that transports us to the night of the Japanese capital, Atari Baby came to transform the nights of Cais do Sodré.

Delicious food and friendly staff. The tables on the floor are the maximum. The ex libris is the basement room with karaoke that can be reserved for closed groups. We loved the space, good music with enough sound level so we did not hear the noises around, but to talk. At night, it is impossible not to notice the bright neon letters in the Atari Baby window, as well at the sixty red balloons that take visitors on this “quick trip to Tokyo.” The description is by Akis Konstantinidis. Like in the image below:



The Venny’s x Atari baby Collab: We decided to partnership with Atari for a photoshoot. For the inspired decor of the 80s/90s video games.

Between neon and 80’s telephones hung on the walls, we immerse ourselves in a space that seems out of a virtual reality, very fashionable in the days that run. The atmosphere of Atari baby immediately reported us to another universe, not video games but for the Cinema and the imagery of a very particular film. (Like in the image a side).

The images below is a teste of what happened in our photoshoot.

From the Atari baby, we got the experience of going to a “trendy” restaurant with food that suits all tastes, it’s even a matter of choosing and having luck with the combinations. Let us all embark on this adventure!

Best regards,

Venny’s Team